Chrisland school twitter viral video
Chrislamd student

Chrisland school twitter viral video Is trending on Twitter and Reddit. According to the viral video which was posted on the Instagram page of a music executive, Ubi Franklin, the woman stated that while her daughter was being raped, some filmed the incident and posted it online.

The girl was selected to represent Chrisland School in a competition in Dubai at the time of this incident.

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He claimed that the victim’s bereaved parents learned of the incident a month after it occurred from another parent at the school.

Chrisland school twitter viral video

Mother of 10 year old girl Ubi Franklin started “A parent called me that she needed to see me urgently. I went to her house and she told me that something had been trending in Chrisland and she believes I was not aware.

The woman showed me the video and told me that all the parents are aware. Immediately I informed my husband.

“Please I am begging Nigerians to help me because Chrisland was trying to hide this issue. They were trying to push us out of the way and my daughter was affected psychologically.

Please I need help as a mother. I am begging fellow Nigerians to help me.

“They have been threatening my daughter that if she speaks out they are going to kill her. That it is a man’s world and nothing would happen.

My daughter was dying in silence,” she said in parts of the video.

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The mother of the pupil further stated ever since they confronted the school about the incident, they suspended her daughter. “Because we have started confronting them that we are aware of what they did, the school sent her a suspension letter.

Ubi Franklin said the school authority had suspended the rape victim. He said the school pretended to take the girl for a COVID-19 test but instead carried out a pregnancy test on the victim.

This school took the girl from her parents that they wanted to conduct a Covid test and the school rather took the girl for a pregnancy test. As we speak the girl has been SUSPENDED from the school. Some things don’t make sense at all”

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10 year old Chrisland school girl trending video

Here is the Chrislqnd school twitter Viral video of unlucky 10-year-old student.




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