Big Sean in black dress
Big Sean

Big Sean has become the most hot topic on the internet since a few photos have been leaked on social media and it is being said that the content of the photo is absence as he is displaying his c**kof the body.

This matter has reached on next level as netizens are taking this matter seriously and making numerous memes on Big Sean. Keep reading this article till the last to get an explanation of this hot subject of social media. People also have pulled his girlfriend into the limelight of the media,

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Big Sean Leaked On Twitter

Recently Big Sean is trending on twitter As per the exclusive reports or sources, only a few hours passed to share the video/photos and despite this, it is getting immense heat while hitting the headlines.

As almost everyone is slamming the rapper for such actions despite knowing that it could be proven harmful for his popularity. Therefore, he is receiving wide backlashing from his own admirer because of something is wrong then it is wrong, no matter whose involvement is standing behind the exploit.

Even a few unknown facts also unveiled lately which overturned everything, while making his fans shocked.

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Big Sean leaked videos and photos

33 years old rapper is trending on twitter because he shared his nude picks with his close friends which later went viral rapidly like a wildfire.

Initially, he shared these pictures through Instagram stories while tagging only his friends and later deleted them as well. But on Twitter, these photos are still making the headlines, and this is the reason the photos are being circulated rapidly.

Some netizens are claiming that he did all these knowingly, so that, he could come into the limelight and fetch the attention of people, otherwise no popular face des this kind of activity despite getting familiarized that these actions will directly affect their popularity.

Netizens started making meme of Big Sean nudes.



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