Blueface and Chrisean Viral Video

Blueface and Chrisean Viral Video
Blueface and Chrisean

Recently celebrities are in highlighted the news and on social media.

Blueface has addressed recent viral video showing him and ChriseanRock in a physical altercation in the Hollywood area.

In a series of Instagram Stories updates on Tuesday.

Blueface spoke at length about what he says are the circumstances surrounding the footage.

In the clips, Blueface called her the “heavyweight champ of the world” and at one point referred to her as “Rocky Balboa.”

Their antics often cause them to go viral on social media.

The latest update from Blueface and Chrisean Rock has the public concerned.

The couple has often emerged on social media with videos and messages that give users pause as their fights and arguments boil over.

But this time, the rapper and his reality star girlfriend were reportedly captured physically assaulting one another on Hollywood Blvd.

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Who Is Blueface?

Johnathan Jamall Porter
Johnathan Jamall Porter

Johnathan Jamall Porter (born January 20, 1997), known professionally as Blueface, is an American rapper.

In October 2018, after releasing the music video for his song “Respect My Cryppin'” he became a viral meme due to his offbeat style of rapping.

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Who Is Chrisean?

Chrisean Rock
Chrisean Rock

Also known as Chrisean Malone, Chrisean Rock is a famous Instagram star and model known for posting modeling pictures in swimwear and streetwear brands alongside lifestyle content.

Born on March 14, 2000, she was raised in Baltimore and resided in various neighborhoods.
She comes from a large family and is one of the 11th of 12 children.

Rock opened her YouTube channel in 2018, with around 18,000 subscribers and 491,000 views.

Although there is no information on her religious beliefs, she seems to be a Christian and has hinted that her relationship with God has a vital role in her life.

Watch: Blueface and Chrisean Viral Video

Blueface and Chrisean Viral Video has been trending on Twitter and Reddit.

The video started with Rock following the rapper Blueface originally known as Jonathan Jamall Porter.

Rock then confront her boyfriend and hit him in the face, later Porter gets her to the ground and took the chain worn by Rock.

However, the fight didn’t end at the time as well and they continuously dragged each other by grabbing their t-shirts.

Blue face seems trying to get rid off Rock but she is completely out of the control. At the end of the video, the two walking on the streets together by the end of the fight. Well, this isn’t the only video regarding the fight between the two.

In another video Rock is resting and Blueface but her blanket and smashed his face.

Blueface said she cheated on him.





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