Heleninelsson leaked picture

Famous TikTok star Heleninelsson the user of @heleninelsson revealed her claims of child sexual abused by her father and other adults in a series of TikToks that posted on January 28.

Later, she found out that her father had subscribed to her OnlyFans account with fake user name .She claims that when she told her mother about the issue, her mother immediately believed her because she knew of a fake social media account of Carla’s father.

When she published her first video, which has been viewed more than 8 million times, @heleninelsson said she found out her father had subscribed to her OnlyFans account for “nearly a year” through two different identities. “The only way I found out was that he called me and asked me to ‘play with myself’ for $150 and I could hear my mom calling in the background,” she explained. “It’s not illegal for you (father) to buy your nudes,” she wrote in the video’s caption.

Heleninelsson onlyfans video screen short picture

Heleni nelsson went on to say she believes her father has been using fake Facebook and Snapchat profiles to phish her since she was in middle school.

In addition, she accused her father of sexually assaulting her and placing her in a position of being assaulted when she was a child. In a follow-up TikTok, @heleninelsson claimed, “[My father] was s3xually attracted to me from a very young age.

So much so that when I was 4 years old, he would take me to his friend’s house or to places he once met. Girl, let them touch me.” She also claims that when she was a minor, her father contacted her through a fake social media account and sent her pictures of his penis, asking her to rate the pictures” for money”.

She said her “childhood trauma” was never properly treated and that her mother was “out of the circle” and “had no idea” her father had sexually abused her.


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