Kingqurannewpage Quran Mccain and Queen Cheryl Twitter
Quran Maccain and Queen cheryl

kingqurannewpage Quran Maccain and Queen Cheryl is trending on twitter once again. In the past couple was in limelight for their twitter account “johnsteve69lol” where they published their adult content and become the center of attention.

But soon as someone complaint about their Twitter account the account was suspended but King Quran and Queen Cheryl keep making new account and shared their romantic life videos.

Quran McCain, 24 and his now-fiancé, Cheryl McGregor, 61, met when he was just 15, but there were no romantic feelings until last year.

Both of them say they love their sexual lives, even though he is younger than one of her own kids. They both say the two of them get along well.

But they aren’t afraid to share NSFW content, recently getting engaged and setting up an OnlyFans account together to do so.

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Kingqurannewpage Quran Mccain and Queen Cheryl Twitter
Quran Macvain and Queen Cheryl

Who is Quran Maccain and Cheryl Mcgregor of kingqurannewpage?

The couple Quran Mccain and his wife Cheryl Mcgregot is the center of attention now a days for his nude content. Quran is a famous tiktok star who is just 24 years old and get married to Cheryl Mcgregorand she is 61.

When they worked at Dairy Queen in Rome, Georgia, USA, in 2012, the two people met.

In the past, Quran and Cheryl had a crush on each other, but at the time, he was only 15.

‘We didn’t think much of each other. She had a baby blue Carrera, and that was the only thing that made me notice her!’ said the man.

Repedly they get famous for their NSFW videos on Tiktok under @ttvleolove. The content they have posted in the pas has removed but the account has more than million followers.

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Kingqurannewpage Quran Mccain and Queen Cheryl Twitter
Quran Maccain and Cheryl Mcgregor

Kingqurannewpage Twitter account

As we have already told you the couple of Quran and Cheryl gained popularity on social media because of their sexual content and many of their twitter accounts were suspended on viewers complaints.

But recently a new twitter account @kingqurannewpage came out of the box. This twitter account was created in February 2020 and number of followers are 1,887.

In @kingqurannewpage twitter account bio onlyfans link of Quran Maccaim and Cheryl Mcgregor is mentioned.

Kingqurannewpage twitter videos.

Famous twitter and Tiktok personalities the couple is continuously sharing their personal videos here are some new videos shared by @kingqurannewpage twitter account.



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