Maria Camila Villalba Kidnapped And Murdered

Maria Camila Villalba A girl in black dress
Maria Camila Villalba

A Columbian girl Maria Camila Villalba Kidnapped And Murderedvideo has been trending on social media.

On 11 of September a girl Maria Camila Villalba from El Bagre region reported kidnapped.

After reporting to authorities the whole family was waiting for there beloved Maria Camila.

But after four days of search on 15th September her body was found by police.

A young girl Maria Camila was murdered barbaric and posted her murdered video on social media sites.

Maria murder video was filmed by the murderer and posted by the killer on social media.

The video last for a few minutes and it was removed because video contains brutality.

But in no time Maria Camila murder video was seen by millions of viewers.

Colombian police succeeded in finding the girl’s body on September 15.

And security forces arrested Maria’s killer two days ago, called “Cost”, a famous hired killer in the “El Bagre” region.

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Who Was Maria Camila Villabla 

Maria Villabla was not a not a social media personality or star she was just 17 year old young girl.

Who was kidnapped and cold blooded murdered in El Bagre Columbia.

She was harmless to society but destiny has decided the way she was murdered.

Maria Camila Villabla kidnapped And Murdered brutally

Maria Camila Villalba Kidnapped And Murdered Has become hot topic today.

It was a good day like every day but Maria Camila and her family had no idea what is going to happen.

On 11 of September a 17 year old girl name Maria Camila Villabla who was living with her family happily missed suddenly.

Her family member waited first that may be she stock somewhere and she will return.

But when family lost hope of their beloved daughter who was missing from the morning they informed the police.

Police of El Bagre region started searching for Maria Camila villabla.

And after four days of intense investigation police found Maria’s dead body.

Policed found the murderer of Maria Camila who was hired killer of El Bagre region.

The killer’s name is “Cost” and he is very famous in the El Bagre area for killing.

Costinho and his group were filming the murder of Maria Camila and shared on social media but after few minutes it was deleted.







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