Every day plenty of videos gone viral online giving the owner limelight. Reportedly a team of lawyers has been drafted by a very famous TV couple when the number of videos that contain X-rated content of the duo shared on the web. Those video clips have been shared on a large scale by netizens on social media and the reports are saying that those videos have been deleted from the online platforms. This story is making noise on the weblogs and people are making their efforts to know about the couple’s names and being curious to know what was in the video that was shared on the internet.

TV Couple Lawyers Video

According to the Sun report, it is thought that the X-rated pictures and videos of the television celebrities were shared via direct messages. And later the viral material have been removed by the action of lawyers who were appointed by the duo after three weeks when it was started being shared on social media. It is known that the duo is a high-profile couple and both are mortified with the ongoing viral content related to them but they quickly respond in order to prohibit the netizens from sharing their private videos and pictures on social platforms.

As per a spokesperson of The Sun, the couple has been mortified by the viral content. The couple’s well-wishers and fans were horrified by the leaked material on their behalf as it was available for anyone on the web but the only right thing that they did was the private content removed with immediate effects. As of now, it is not clear whether the high-profile image duo approached the police for help or not. But they have appeared in the prime time show on English television.

According to a law that was made in 2015 in England & Wales it is a punishable offense to share private or sexual content of a person without his permission and if anyone would find guilty in this then he could face imprisonment for 2 years. This law was introduced to assure the privacy and safety of the citizens especially for high-profile individuals as previously many such cases have been recorded of well-known celebs and personalities. Kim Kardashian is the highlighted name in the list of such cases as in 2007 a clip of a billionaire celebrity and her boyfriend was leaked. As of now the names of the famous duo have been kept private by them as it is a matter of privacy.



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