Hoodplug247 twitter image where a men in putting his semen on burger
Hoodplug247 twitter image

HOODPLUG247 is a Twitter account trending right now on all social media. Hoodplug247 is scattering on the social media platform due to his video.

Yes, you have read it right as a twitter account Phil Jackson twitter account video has been leaked on the web and is also making rounds on the internet.

This video is consist of content that is inappropriate and thus it is also making round. The users are sharing it all over the web and even to their follower’s lists, due to which it is getting viral more and more

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Who is Phil Jackson Hoodplug247?

Recently a Twitter user is getting viral on social media for a creepy NSFW video. We will discuss later what was video about but right now let us explain a little who is Phil Jackson Twitter account?

A brand new created Twitter account Phil Jackson was created in February 2022 and the content shared by this twitter account is mostly trending leaked videos. If you watch HOODPLUG247 twitter account you will find suspended twitter account “johnsteve69lol and leolove_3 videos of King Quran.

Hoodplug247 Twitter Video

A video by Twitter account hoovplug247 is surfacing with caption “SZA OUT HERE EATING GLIZZYS WITH SEMEN😫😫😫😫 AWW MA” in which a girl is holding a burger in her hand and a man is masturbating and throwing his semen on the burger and the girl eat that burger. This is a creepy act, the who is in the video is still unidentified.

This is the video of HOODPLUG247 twitter account.






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