WATCH: Lola Bunny Challenge


1. Introduction to the Lola Bunny Challenge.

2. Context of the challenge.

3. Analysis of the challenge.

4. Discussion of the implications of the challenge.

Lola Bunny has been trending on Twitter and tiktok.

The Lola Bunny is a social media challenge that encourages people to share photos and videos of themselves dressed up as the character Lola Bunny from the popular cartoon show, “The Looney Tunes.”

The challenge began on TikTok, but has since spread to other platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

The challenge is simple: participants dress up as Lola Bunny and post a photo or video of themselves in character.

Many people use costumes and wigs to achieve the look, but others simply put on a pair of bunny ears and paint their noses white. Some people even go the extra mile and do a full body paint job to look like Lola Bunny!

The challenge is all in good fun, but Lola Bunny trend turn into something very different.

The Lola Bunny or Bugs Bunny video #LolaBunnyChallenge is a pornographic internet challenge and hashtag that involves participants doing a physical exercise that was modeled in a viral fan art animation of the character Lola Bunny from the Space Jam films.

The NSFW trend, which involves one placing their camera on the ground and then sweeping their leg over the top as they squat toward it, quickly took off in mid-September 2022, often used as a way to promote an OnlyFans page on Twitter.

Beginning Of Lola Bunny 


The original Lola Bunny viral video started trending on the 8th of April 2021.

In the video, an animated character Lola Bunny from “Space Jam” performed an exercising act called squats.

Lola Bunny challenge
Lola Bunny

But the main point was in that trending video Lola Bunny stand naked and bent her legs downward like a squat position.

This old Lola Bunny video went viral on all social media platforms. And gained around 65K views.

Watch: Lola Bunny Challenge

On September 8th the Lola Bunny video went viral once again and with in no time it spreads like wild fire.

An onlyfans platform user @BrownSugarFlicks uploaded her video standing naked and squatting like the original Chelodoy animated Lola Bunny with the caption.

“Tryna sit on your face like Lola Bunny”

Soon as she published her nacked video a huge number of viewers watch that video and Lola Bunny became the trend once again.

Lola Bunny challenge
@BrownSugarFlicks an onlyfans user doing Lola Bunny Squat

On 13 September 2022 Lola Bunny become trend on Twitter and TikTok.

When girls around the globe started making video like Chelofoy’s Lola Bunny.





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