WATCH: Tennessee Fan Loses Her Clothes At Alabama (VIDEO)

WATCH: Tennessee Fan Loses Her Clothes At Alabama
Tennessee Fan Loses Her Shirt At Alabama

A girl who lost her shirt on celebration of Tennessee’s victory has become the most searched personality on social media sites.

A Tennessee fan lost her clothes at an Alabama game and was later seen walking around naked.

The girl, who has not been identified, was captured on video by onlookers as she made her way through the crowd.

It’s unclear how she lost her shirt, but she didn’t seem to be too bothered by it as she walked around with a smile on her face.

Tennessee Fan Loses Her clothes At Alabama Game Video.

Tennessee defeated Alabama 52-49 on Saturday in a match-up between two out of the three best SEC teams in the nation.

Expectations for this outing were high coming in, and both programs more than delivered.

Tennessee Fan Loses Her Shirt In Viral Video

Female Tennessee Fans’ Experiments with Wardrobe Problems on Live TV While watching a game vs.

Alabama Tennessee Volunteers fans came out in number today to show their support for their team.

Inthe battle against the team that is the No. 3-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide.

The College GameDay crew in attendance the fans have been in high spirits all morning.

As soon as the two teams started their games later in the day, their enthusiasm was no longer contained…And from this video, neither could the breast of a woman Tennessee fan.

In a now-viral clip, one overly-excited Tennessee fan set the internet ablaze when she cheered for her squad so hard her shirt ended up flying off.

Then they allowed the Crimson Tide to come storming back.

And finally, when it mattered most, they hung on for a hard-fought victory.

Sadly, it appears Alabama’s week peaked with the wild photos of their cheerleaders that went viral on Monday.

It will be interesting to see how Nick Saban and Co. bounce back from this one.

For all intents and purposes, their National Championship hopes are likely dashed at this juncture.

Both Tennessee and Georgia appear to have overtaken them as the crème de la crème of the SEC.

That said, it’s hard to ever count Alabama fully out. They have a weird way of sneaking up on you when you least expect it.

Next week’s battle against Mississippi State will be telling.

If the Crimson Tide can squeeze one out there, they can live to fight another day.

One more defeat, though – and the season is officially done.



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