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Geoff Bainbridge

A leaked video emerging to view former Grill’s investor Geoff Bainbridge fondling himself while wearing skimpy underwear and smoking a meth pipe has direct to him quitting as CEO of Lark Distilling.

Sky News host and Investigations Editor at Australia, Sharri Markson broke the story on Wednesday morning, 16th February 2022. Following the emergence of the video, attained by The Australian, the board of Lark Distilling called an emergency meeting to launch a probe.

On Wednesday, Lark stated Mr. Bainbridge had “tendered his resignation effective instantly to help him to manage a personal matter…brought to the attention of the board.”

Geoff Bainbridge Twitter Video Viral on YouTube

In the viral video, Mr. Bainbridge emerges to have filmed himself smoking methamphetamine while involved in an sex act.

The sexual  explicit video shooter by Mr. Bainbridge runs for almost 60 seconds and views him fondling himself while warring black undergarments.

He emerges to say while lighting up a methamphetamine pipe that “Let’s get fucking high together baby. I had smoked meth and just blow it all over your  babe.”

He is viewed to be inhaling from the pipe and blowing it into the phone screen and concluding the video by saying “I am so high, I am so fuckinging horny.”

As per the Sydney Morning Herald, Geoff Bainbridge paid around $12,000 to extortionist in the hope that the video clip of him smoking ice 6 years ago would never become public.

Attorneys acting for Mr. Bainbridge informed The Australian the video had been used by overseas-based criminals in an effort to extort him for cash.

Geoff Bainbridge Twitter Video Explained

The attorneys stated that the client “is the subject of a continuing, sophisticated and recently intensified extortion tries by persons overseas using manipulated unverified photos.

The tried extortion of Mr. Bainbridge commenced years prior to he had any engagement in Lark Distillery: and Mr. Bainbridge had sought the assistance of London-based professionals with the extortion attempt.

The attorneys asserted 2 additional videos attained by The Australian featuring sexually  explicit pornographic material were fake. Mr. Bainbridge requested on Tuesday these not be shared with the board of Lark Distillery.

Lark runs many whisky distilleries in Tasmania and is backed by some of the most famous figures in the food of Australia and alcohol industry including Lark chairman, David Dearie who was formally chief executive of Treasury Wine Estates when it split from Foster’s Group and listed on the ASX in the year 2011.


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