Psychowarudo twitter acoount video screen ahot
Psychowarudo twitter acoount image

Another Twitter the account is become a hot topic after posting NSFW content on Twitter. Psychowarduo is a Twitter account who posted “Speed and Ava” video and pinned this video trending on Twitter today and gaining the attention of Twitter users.

Let us tell you in detail who is Pychowarudo and why is this account trending on Twitter?

Who is Psychowarudo Twitter account?

As it mentioned the name of the Psychowarduo account “Psycho(18+)” this Twitter user continuously posting NSWF content on Twitter.

Psychowarudo twitter account screenshot
Psychowarudo Twitter account

Psychowarudo twitter account was created in June 2021 this account has 4.705k followers. When it comes to the kind of content Psychowarudo on his account, it’s mostly NSFW. Yes, the user uploaded inappropriate videos and photos on his account, which has attracted a lot of users so far.

Paychowarudo wrote in twitter account “18+) I don’t own any of the video I post, Dm for removal • Dm for promo • lfthy”

Speed and Ava video

On Feb 12, 2022 a Twitter account @x_Yesuuu has share this 12 seconds video on Twitter with caption “Speed and Ava” in this video Instagram model Ava is giving the belowjob to famous YouTuber Speed, from that time this videos have been viewed by 543k people. And still people are searching this video on Twitter.

Psychowarudo twitter account has posted the same video and pinned the video we don’t have much information about Psychowarudo who is the handler of this Twitter account at the moment. All I know is that he recently shared a video of people doing inappropriate things.



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