Dj Isa Vazados Leaked Twitter Video
Dj Isa Vazados

Dj Isa Vazados Leaked Twitter Video is trending on twitter and Reddit right now for her video.

A video of Dj Isa Vazados is currently trending on the web and trending where a father is attacking her daughter.

After the video received numerous Backlash and comments, her father decided to apologize to her on a public platform. As per the latest reports, legendary DJ Choc the father of Lady Du realized his mistake.

Dj Isa’s video has surfaced on the internet and is getting Viral on the internet.

Usually, as well, the photos get viral and this video of her reached the maximum level of being shared.

The video is getting viral and people have viewed it and shared it on the internet.

The video might be a private interaction between father and daughter, but it leaked and went viral on the internet

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Who Is Dj Isa Vazados 

She is a famous content creator on YouTube and Instagram and has a huge number of followers.

As we know that DJ is the very famous daughter of the famous DJ Choc, currently, she is in news because of her viral video and photos on social media. These photos and videos have created a buzz on social media and created almost a controversy, which is affecting her. When the video has been viral on the internet then DJ is father’s got worried for her, so he decided to give an explanation for her.

Dj Isa Video Vazados

He is currently in the news for releasing a depressing video. She apologises for her mistake when he attacked her daughter in the video.

It may be a private moment between a father and his daughter, but when it gets public, it frequently impacts celebrities’ image. Fans reacted to the Instagram star’s leaked content and video on social media.

She had realised her mistake and now she is apologising. Many people were surprised  when her video was leakon the internet and couldn’t believe it was true.

It implies that something significant occurred between the father and the daughter. The cause for the assault is unknown.

Maybe they’re discussing something that makes them angry, or maybe it’s something else entirely. Her father issued a statement in which he stated that he wanted to clarify his daughter’s video.

Dj Isa Video Vazados Viral on Twitter and Reddit

After the viral dj Isa Vazados twitter video went viral her father statement is “It was not my intention to hurt anyone’s sentiments. In fact, whatever I did to my daughter, I did it for her benefit.

If your child makes the mistake of insulting others, it is the parent’s duty to guide their son in the right direction.

I had to do the same thing with my daughter. But I don’t know that her camera was on and she was recording it.

If I had known this earlier, I wouldn’t have done it to her. Whoever is spreading the video, don’t do this.

This has hurt the feelings of me and my daughter as well. So stop spreading.

Her father has been given an explanation for her because he did not want that, nobody imagined wrong with his daughter. He also said that his daughter did not want to share the video on social media, she did not have any motive like that. She was just want to share the video with her family members.


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