Mistyray_Lightsaber video

Mistyray_Lightsaber Video has been trending on twitter and other social media networks.

Mistyray onlyfans video is getting viral on twitter is trending on social media.

Another very beautiful and charming girl is getting viral and it’s getting trending her Twitter account name is “MistyRay”.

People are loving her content and she is grabbing everyone’s attention out there she is maintaining her feet so well while she creates very hot stuff on the onlyfans account.

She become very popular and everyone is searching for her on the social media platform.

We have seen that she is uploading different content on her twitter account to get the viewership for her onlyfans platform.

Let us tell you in details that who is Mistyray and why she is trending.

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Who is Mistyray_Twitter?

Mistyray_Twitter account based on the adult content. This twitter account holder is a Canadian medical student as she mentioned in her Twitter details.

“Canadian Med Student & top creator on Onlyfans &Fansly. YES The Pool CUE, GEAR SHIFT and LIGHTSABER videos are real. Link below for all my naughty content ⬇️”

MistyRay_Twitter account was created in April 2021. And the number of tweets so far is 584.

But with only 584 tweets she has 113.3k followers on Twitter, which is a huge number.

But the question is why she is getting viral on Twitter? Let us tell you why Mistyray_Lightsaber is trending and people are approaching this Twitter account.

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Watch MistyRay_Lightsaber Video.

Recently a Twitter account went viral on Twitter and other social media sites.

The name of this Twitter account is Mistray_ and lots of people are searching this Twitter account.

A Canadian medical student is the handler of this Twitter account and she adult content creator.

She posted her onlyfans video clips and pictures on her mistyray_ Twitter account.

Adult content is conventional content that is widely available on Twitter. But what makes mistyRay_ special is that she made videos of herself on only fans’ platforms where she is using different objects.

As mentioned in her twitter bio Pool Cue and gear shift videos are real, she is inserting pool cue in her private parts. And in another video she is sitting on vehicle gear.

Here are videos of MistyRay_ twitter.



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