Dubai Porta potty twitter video
Dubai Porta Potty

Dubai Porta Potty Twitter Video is the topic that most of the world have no idea what is Dubai Porta Potty term is about?
for the 1st time it revealed to the world by victims.

The lady made the terrifying confession and revealed the truth about what happens in such settings.

If you are poor and need you will be used in unimaginable ways.

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What is Portal Potty Dubai  Twitter Video

Expensive escorts are purchased for $30,000+ each by wealthy Arab and European men to attend “yacht parties.”

These women are taken onto these boats to be spit on and pissed on, hence Porta Potties.

A few months ago, a video of some ‘slay queens’ allegedly eating the poop of Dubai wealthy men in a swimming pool went viral, sparking discussion about the ordeal some celebrities go through to survive.

A socialite known on Instagram as NattyHot has taken to the platform to drop a bombshell about the lavish lives most female celebs are living and the source that sponsors such expensive lifestyles.

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Natty hot exposed Dubai Porta Potty

She said that some of these female celebs mostly travel outside the country under the pretense of going on vacations but in reality, they are being booked by rich men in the countries they visit to do the most disgusting thing in exchange for money.

This lady disclosed that most of these female celebrities people turn to admire and follow have their mouths being filled with the faeces of rich men in advanced countries in exchange for money.

The woman who published the horrific story on her Instagram page claimed that one of her friends is one of these women who makes a lot of money from this type of business.

The Arab men are supposed to shovel poo into the ladies’ mouths before paying them dollars. So, the next time you want to be envious of a wealthy woman who just returned from Dubai, think twice.

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Nigeria Model Confessions Explains Portal Potty Dubai

After seeing the woman on TheDirty, she called out a close friend for being a Porta-Potty, and she revealed everything.

That girl was 22, owned a condo in Newport Beach, and drove a 2011 CL550, so she wanted the same things. She questioned her about it a few months ago, and she said she’d let her know if anything came up.

She told me that there was a vacation that she needed three girls for and that it paid a total of $40K for an ANYTHING GOES weekend trip to St. Bartz.

She said f**k it because that is more than she makes in a year. She was cautioned by that girl, who remarked, “Sh*t gets crazy.”

She was thinking that this was her new job and that it would be simple as fuck. Her account was credited with $8000 four hours after her STD test came back negative.

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Portal Potty Dubai Started Now

She arrived at the hotel room to find a note instructing her to be ready for dinner and to go on the Yacht for two nights, as well as a note stating that another percent of 12.5 had been deposited and that she would receive the remainder of her money before boarding the plane home.

The following day, three girls and nine Arabian men were aboard a 200-foot yacht. She was beginning to wonder what she had gotten herself into; six of them were obese, all extremely hairy.

To calm their fears, everyone begins to drink, and the guys don’t even look at the girls or say anything. They sat around smoking cigars and playing board games.

After a few hours, one of their maids approaches them and informs them that it is time.

They all proceed into separate rooms, where the maids tell them to strip down to their underwear and lie still on the bed. Three men entered the room, all of whom were dressed in robes.

The first man removed his robe, pushed her closer to the edge of the bed, and then shoved it into her. Man makes this strange Arabian yelling noise, takes his dick out, climbs on the bed, and then cums all over my face three to four minutes later.

That man slaps my hand then hits me her hard in the beginning that cum splatters everywhere and yells at me not to move white bitch; he slaps her hand then slaps her so hard in the face that cum splatters everywhere and yells at her not to move white bitch.

They all came over and pissed on her while in the shower, effectively cleaning her face with their urine. She eventually got to wash off ten minutes later, which was the end of it.

Another day was even worse than the day before; instead of 3 to 4 boys, only one showed up, and he began pooping on her. When she started to throw up, he grabbed her and slapped her, telling her that he would not pay her if he didn’t finish.




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