Wilmington Ma High School Bathroom Video
Wilmington High School

Wilmington Ma High School video has been trending on social media, a video of a student being bullied and pushed into the toilet in a Massachusetts high school bathroom.
Yes, you read it right that a video broke the internet recently and snatched everyone’s attention. After the incident, the parents of the student are outraged and the police are investigating the case.

The video has been circulating widely all over the internet. Several people have been reacting to it and also expressing their anger at the incident. It is not the first time when a student was bullied in school.

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Wilmington Ma High School Bathroom Video
Wilmington Ma High School Bathroom Video

Wilmington Ma High School Bathroom Bullying Video

A video surfaced on the internet in which students are dragging him up into the toilet and all the kids standing there were laughing and recording this incident with their phones.

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They dragged him to the bathroom pushing him and his face to the toilet. Police have started investigating this particular case deeply. These measures are to be communicated to school staff and parents. The chief of the Police department said that it was a crime.

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He reported that 3 students and discontinued for the subsequent10 days till the investigation is going on. The student’s parents were quite disturbed watching this video and want accountability. The truth is that several investigators were in the video but didn’t come up to aid the victim.

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Wilmington Ma High School Bathroom Video detailed explanation

It was confirmed by Joseph Desmond, Wilmington Police Department Chief that there are a number of videos of the attack and added that his department is investigating the incident seriously. He described the incident as a possible crime. Desmond said, “There’s a couple of elements to this. There’s the actual act itself and then there are the bystanders that videotape it and take no action and watch it happen.”








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