Yo_nanay twitter video
Yo_nanay twitter

Yo_nanay twitter viral video has been trending on Twitter and grabbing the attention of people sharing her unique animated content on her twitter profile.

Soon as the video started circulating over the internet, her followers began showing interest in her.

The user is mainly known for creating an explicit animated video and sharing it over Twitter.

With her growing popularity, she has managed to reach more people on the platform while at the same time gaining more followers.

Of all the animated Roblox videos, the Halloween Trick Or Treat is the most trending topic of the day.

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Yo_nanay twitter viral video
Yo_nanay animation

Who is Yo_nanay on Twitter?

Yo_nanay is a Twitter account which is created in February 2022. This twitter account followed 85 twitter accounts and the number of followers are 26.1K.

Iri_iri twitter account has published only 66 tweets so far with these small numbers of tweets the number of followers are huge.

Yo_nanay is username and Iri_iri is display name.

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In the bio of Iri_iri twitter account she wrote about herself.

“I don’t have much to do in life so I do this instead 🙂 🔞 I edit vids”

Yo_nanay twitter profile
Yo_nanay twitter profile

Yo_nanay Twitter Viral Video

Recently a newly created Twitter account Yo_Nanay shared a Bizzare Halloween Trick Or Treat one of the most trending animation Roblox videos on Twitter.

This particular content got based on an online game, Roblox, that provides different themes to make the game more enjoyable.

Since “trick or treat” is one of the yearly things that the game provides on its platform, the user has used the motif to make the animated videos.

Also, the viewers seem to have found her Halloween videos more unique, different, and entertaining.

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